AirCam First Engine Start – Chapter Member: Bill Hood

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The summer weather and Bill’s retirement have given our Chapter President more time to work on his AirCam project. Bill Hood and his friend Steven Winn managed to crank the engines the other day for the first time.

“I still have some set up to do, a little more painting, and once the wings are mounted a smidgen of wiring for the lights and magnetometer,” says Bill.

You can watch the first engine start video from the video Steve Winn posted on his YouTube channel below:


[kad_youtube url=”″ width=420 height=315 ]


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Pietenpol Air Camper – Chapter Member: Steve Chase

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Steve Chase - PietenpolWho? Steve Chase

Project? 1929 Pietenpol Air Camper

When did the project start? February, 2008

When is the project expected to be complete? “It will probably take approximately 7 years to complete the project, so maybe in 2015.”

Background information about the project? “I have always enjoyed the hobby and was drawn to the look and nostalgia of the Pietenpol aircraft.”

Project progress? “I’m currently working on the landing gear. Wings are half way complete. The project stalled while moving fom Maryland to North Carolina, so I’m now waiting on the building of our new shop.”

Difficulties/Challenges? “It’s all been a pleasure!”

People involved in the project? “Mostly myself building. Family and friends provide lots of support.”

Additional information? “I document my building (and other family stuff) and keep my website at:”


Project Pictures:


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