Tail Wheel 101

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What do the terms: center of gravity; ground loop; gyroscopic factor; P factor; three point landing; and wheel landing have in common? These terms and many more were covered in the Tail Wheel Clinic presented by our instructor Charles Lewis on Saturday, March 8. Charles did a great job introducing us to the world of tail wheel aircraft.

First and foremost, we discussed safety and not getting in over your skill and comfort level. So this means practice, practice, and more practice. All through the clinic, Charles stressed safety and practicing your skills, not only skills associated with tail wheel aircraft, but tricycle aircraft too. One of the unique things we experienced during the tail wheel clinic was having Charles’ Sport Cub there for hands on demonstrations. We saw firsthand how to apply what we were being taught. At lunch, Chef Judy Lewis served a delicious meal of baked chicken with all the trimmings, and scrumptious deserts. That was reason enough to attend! 🙂



Afterward, we resumed our education of this particular type of airplane. I believe all who participated in the clinic walked away with a new appreciation for tail wheel aircraft. Now everyone looks forward to putting into practice what they learned. Even if you have no desire to fly a tail wheel plane, it would be well worth your time to take the clinic for the information alone. I guarantee you will learn something that will help make you a better pilot – and maybe a better informed passenger.

Should Charles offer this clinic again, I recommend you sign up. It’s a great experience.

Text and photo submitted by Skip Palmer.

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